"Debbie and Riaan worked really well with all of the young people, especially some of whom where extremely difficult to manage. "
Simon Taylor, Thames Valley Partnership

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Boomwhacker Booster

When you enter our boomwhacker workshop you will be met with an array of tuned percussion tubes, each with its own unique sound depending on its colour. Within minutes you can be creating wonderful music by whacking these terrific tubes to different rhythms and making magical melodies you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Boomwhackers are an ideal way of quickly energising a group and boosting team morale at any conference or event, especially at times where you think group energy may need a quick lift. As well as being immensely enjoyable, these workshops help to promote vital musical skills such as playing in rhythm, harmonising with others and creating a melody both independently and as part of a group. These skills are transferable to the workplace instilling confidence and a shared sense of achievement.

Business Boosters:

  • Builds Confidence
  • Breaks the Ice
  • Releases tension
  • Fun
  • Increases musicality

Duration: 10 - 30 minutes

Numbers: Unlimited