"Many thanks for the excellent drumming workshops at Somerhill and the “enabling” of our kids at the family festival. Hugely enjoyable!"
Headteacher Ben Parkhurst , BRIGHTON, EAST SUSSEX

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The Drum Jam

This exhilarating experience will transform your team into one big fantastic percussion ensemble in a short space of time. We bring together the best of African and Brazilian drumming allowing your team to experience the uplifting and authentic rhythms from these rich and diverse parts of the world. As they enter the space they will be greeted by a large selection of drums and percussion varying in size, one for each member.

The session begins under expert tuition with a series of fun warm up games and exercises to energise and lift the spirits. Your team will then work together to learn a selection of rhythms on the instruments and perfect the unique, simple combinations of beats in small sections. Before they know it your team will be producing one amazing piece of music, creating a sound together that they never thought possible.

How It Works

  • Your team will enter to the inspiring sound of the drums.
  • Fun rhythm-based warm ups, song learning.
  • Explanations about the different drums and techniques.
  • Each section will learn different parts.
  • The sections will slowly build up forming the final piece.

Business Boosters

  • Shared experience.
  • High energy activity
  • Changes attitudes
  • Fun

1 - 2 hours

Min: 10
Max: Unlimited