"Drum Jam is an uplifting experience for the whole school. the drum circle at the end brought everyone together in a celebration of what we’d learned."
Bea McCan (Teacher), Grafton Primary School

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Team Building Drumming Events

Team building using drums is a great way to bond any working team together and can also really help them understand each other on a whole new level, that is why they are very popular with lots of businesses right across Britain and further afield. Drumming can do wonders for any kind of team building within your organisation, no matter how big or small your company may be. Our drumming workshops will bring both participants and your company or establishment many positive benefits, which include:

  • Empowerment
  • Relaxation
  • Communication
  • De-Stress
  • It's Exciting and Fun
  • The team needs to work with each other which is great for promoting synergy

Our professional drumming teams have delivered workshops and team building events with numerous well known organisations such as British Airways, Microsoft and Royal Mail. The teams that provide these great workshops bring facilitators and drums and percussion to any venue. Check out some of our packages below to get an idea of what we have to offer your organisation.

The Drum Jam

This exhilarating experience will transform your team into one big fantastic percussion ensemble in a short space of time. We bring together the best of African and Brazilian drumming allowing your team to experience the uplifting and authentic rhythms from these rich and diverse parts of the world. As they enter the space each member will be greeted by a large selection of drums and percussion varying in size. Find out more...

Global Beats

We bring together the best beats from around the globe under one roof, allowing your team to travel around the world through the medium of the drum. Under expert tuition your group will work in small teams to each learn a unique groove from a different part of the world, with all participants perfecting the “Global Beat” - a signature groove common to every team. Find out more...

Brazilian Drumming Workshops

Our Taste of Brazil workshop will transform your team into a large percussion ensemble with a true Brazilian flavour. Everyone will learn the infectious grooves and rhythms of Brazil under the expert guidance of our leading percussion directors, with years of experience in this style. Find out more...

African Drumming Workshops

Sounds of Africa will provide a snap shot into some of the worlds most diverse and ancient traditions through rhythm and song. On their African journey, together your team will create beats and sing songs that inspire and make aware of their own ability to express rhythm which may have never been apparent, until now. Find out more...

"Just wanted to say thank you for a great day on the 7th March in Bristol. The team and I really enjoyed the couple of hours you spent with us. You arrived on time, and were flexible to fit in with our needs. I thought you very quickly made us feel at easy with you and the experience, and I was particularly impressed with how quickly we made some music together. The event brought the whole team together, Thank you" Kathy Sulley - Post Office Ltd

Why Choose a Corporate Drumming Event?

Times are difficult for all companies in business today, and the recession has had knock on effects within the day to day work environment, such as rising stress levels. If it seems like your business is feeling the strain of the current climate, and feel like your team needs some time away from the office to revive itself then why not take part in a drumming work shop or have one as part of your conference entertainment event. There is a massive list of house hold names who have already taken part in these drumming days, such as Microsoft, NHS, Royal Mail, Boots and many more. All of the conference entertainment challenges are designed to bring out keys skills within the individuals which can then be taken back to the work place. A facilitator leads the group for your workshop from the centre of the circle, allowing the participants to relax and let go. Everyone is part of the performance; there is no audience. Numbers are unlimited; we can work with groups of 5 to 5000. The emphasis is on working together effectively as a team to create music. There is no one thing more important in the work place than having a united team working together for the same goal. In the current climate stress levels within the work place are rising, so it is key to ensure that your team stay united. One way of ensuring this is to take part in a corporate drumming event.

There is a massive range of different team building activities available, both indoor and outdoor, for your team to take part in, but corporate drumming is fast becoming the team build of choice all over the country. The emphasis is on working together effectively as a team to create music, ensuring a lasting harmony between your team members on a day to day basis. So why not take the next step to a unified work place today.

One of the best decisions an employer can make is to organise corporate events entertainment for your employees. Corporate team events are a fabulous way of uniting your work force, and will help dispel some of the tensions that can build within a stressful working environment.  One of the most popular forms of corporate events entertainment is an African drumming workshop.

So if you feel your team could benefit from a little them time then why not get in touch today. Your team will reap the benefits almost immediately, and morale will get a welcome boost. Drumming to help team building is very popular with lots of businesses at the moment. Team building drumming is where you all get into a drum circle to drum and it can do wonders for team building within your organisation, no matter how big or small your company may be. African drumming teams have been benefiting companies up and down the country for a long time now. 

The teams that provide these great workshops bring facilitators with years of experience not just musically but in bringing together groups of people with little or no knowledge of music or drumming and getting them to work together to create something extraordinary. The events will be sure to provide your business or organisation with an experience that will stay in their memory for a long time to come. Team building drumming  in a drum circle can do wonders for team building within your organisation, no matter how big or small your company may be.
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