"Debbie and Riaan worked really well with all of the young people, especially some of whom where extremely difficult to manage. "
Simon Taylor, Thames Valley Partnership

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Welcome to the musical world of Drum Jam!
Why Drum?
Drumming is empowering, it builds confidence, it’s physical exercise, concentration, physical coordination and teambuilding. It increases social & group skills, teaches cultural diversity & unity, is easy to learn and is FUN!!
Who are DRUM JAM and what do DRUM JAM offer?
Drum Jam are a small but well-established, professional, London-based company providing drumming & music workshops in schools, communities & companies across the UK.
We have great experience in providing empowering, dynamic and enjoyable music workshops, tailored to your schools needs.
All workshops incorporate learning about timing and rhythm through the mediums of clapping and singing as well as playing. Our teaching of music from other parts of the world, particularly Africa & Brazil, all have multicultural awareness, understanding and acceptance at their heart, something we share in an enthusiastic & fun-filled way with the children.
How are the DRUMMING workshops organized?
A full day workshop can begin with a music event for the whole school during morning assembly followed by more in-depth, hands on workshops from reception years upwards, in groups of up to 60 learners at a time.

We offer 3 main workshops:
Drum Circle – Children use songs, dance & music to create a spontaneous in -the -moment orchestra.
African drumming – We teach simple but effective rhythms & songs from Africa. Children learn about cultural diversity & unity in the context of music making, a shared language.
Samba – This infectious music style from Brazil introduces the children to a number of percussion instruments including; Big Surdo Drums, tambourines, shakers, timbales & ago-go bells. We turn your school into a Samba Ensemble. Irresistible!

We provide all instruments & equipment necessary to run the workshops!
• Drumming
• Laughter
• Rhythm
• Culture
• Fun and comedy
• Discipline
• Teamwork
• Connection
• Co-ordination
• Teamwork
• Multi Tasking
• African Drums
During the warm up we lead the group through exercises and fun stretches designed to get them
out of their left brain into their right brain and creative side. This creates relationship with the
children and they start to learn the vocal commands as well a physical movement and teamwork.
Cultural understanding, cultural diversity, teamwork, focus, controlled excitement, physical co-ordination and multi tasking
Group teamwork, hand-eye co-ordination, listening and watching skills. Playing to the beat. Call and response - copy skills.
”We thoroughly enjoyed our morning and gained a real insight into African drumming techniques and rhythms - a memorable event.” Emma Chidgey, Park High School
“Many thanks for the excellent drumming workshops at Somerhill and the “enabling” of our kids at the family festival. Hugely enjoyable!” Ben Parkhurst, Head Teacher
“Thanks for a fantastic time, the children had a super time as well as the staff, it was excellent.” Love Jane and Class 6, Fareham Primary School, Sheffield

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